Digital Transfers

Digital Transfers

What is A Digital Ceramic Transfer?

This is a method of converting an image via computer into a digital ceramic transfer through the use of a four colour process laser printer and recently developed CMYK ceramic toners.

The process is particularly useful for very short, bespoke runs and “one-off” projects.

Digital Transfer Applications

Digital ceramic transfers can be used on most glazed and some non-glazed products, as long as it is being fired sufficiently to enable the fusing of the ceramic pigments. These include china, porcelain, earthenware, tiles, vitreous enamels and some glass products.


Using Digital Ceramic Transfers

Application of water-slide digital transfers is quite straight forward: Cut out the piece you want to apply, immerse it in luke-warm water (containing a little household washing-up liquid) for about a minute, until the transfer carrier and image release from the backing paper. Then slide it on to the clean ware surface taking care not to crease the transfer, (wetting the ware surface with a little soaking water helps the sliding action).

Slide the digital transfer into position and squeegee the water out from underneath with a “finger” squeegee or a clean absorbent cloth. If the ware surface has contours or curvatures, the transfer will need to be stretched in some direct directions to avoid creases occurring. The digital transfers “covercoat” (the transparent carrier film) is purposefully made to accommodate the stretching and if the ware is warmed slightly the transfers plasticity is vastly increased. After application of the transfer, wipe over the area with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove surface water and any gum residues from the backing paper.

One of the main considerations of application is the removal of all air and water from between the transfer and the ware surface as they will cause holes in the fired result. The applied digital transfers should be left to dry in a warm, dry environment for at least 8 hours before firing.

Original Artwork

For us to produce digital transfers for you, we need original Artwork/copy from you. We would prefer to receive electronic files via email as attachments in Adobe PDF format or as High quality Jpeg, with RGB 200ppi to 400ppi resolution (please beware of highly compressed and low resolution Jpeg files as the image quality can be seriously degraded).

Please contact us for other file formats and artwork forms.