Glass Transfers

Glass Transfers

Whether it be for soda lime or borosilicate, we can supply high quality glassware transfers to suit. We have many years of experience producing glass decals for a multitude of applications including: drinking glasses, jugs, gift ware, ashtrays (well not so much now), bottles, laboratory vessels, etc.

Only the best quality colour pigments and media are used in the manufacture of our opaque and transparent glassware transfers and we can produce only a few up to many thousands of small logos or large decorative glass decals at competitive prices.

Imitation acid etch effects are currently very popular and we produce many glass transfers in the standard effect, but we also produce more elaborate etch effect transfers for glassware resembling a hand-engraved look.

We can also produce transfers for glassware containing precious metals such as gold and platinum to give your products richness and added value. Or we could offer metallic effect gold, silver, bronze & copper products. Which result in a finish with a slight sheen and glitter and are the next best thing to the precious metals without the cost implications.

For measuring vessels, we produce very accurate artwork for scales and dividers to customers specifications and tolerances, and create glass decals which can be fired onto their product achieving excellent optical clarity and durability.